A Perfect Cappuccino @ Home

You know the biggest tragedy with the Indian Coffee Houses? They operate from 11:00Am to 11:00Pm. And that’s the time when you generally either already had your coffee or you are at office with access to decent free coffee dispensing machines.

Me being a late in bed and late riser, need coffee either in the middle of night or early in the morning. And then you find no coffee shop operational in the vicinity. And you either drive down to some call center building where you might have a coffee shop open till late or you have to go to a 5-star hotel to drink a cup of Cappuccino for 500 bucks!!


So the only possible solution for me was to get a coffee maker at home. The problem there is, I like either espresso shots or cappuccino which are not possible to make in most of the over the counter coffee makers available here under 10 grand’s. These coffee machines generally are capable of dispensing Americano with no standard amount of coffee and water in it. At max you can either have that or can pour some milk to it to make it even more horrible in taste.

But, recently one fine day I spotted a Coffee maker at Café Coffee Day Counter, which was supposed to capable of dispensing pure espresso shots.

The catch here was, it don’t take regular Coffee beans or powder. It only is compatible with the prepackaged coffee cartridges which are available in 2 Variants.


  1. Pure Arabica (less bitter but awesomely strong. Great for espresso) – In a pack of 10 for 150 bucks
  2. The unnamed red wrapper one (slightly more bitter but equally strong. Great if you are making Cappuccino) – in a pack of 10 for 100 bucks




But the machine is super easy to use. And cleaning is pretty easy. By the way the machine also comes in two form factors. One is with a single button which can dispense a single shot. And the other one which can again dispense a single shot but with three dilution levels. The middle button gives you the perfect espresso shot. Though the Barista at the CCD counter claimed that this machine can dispense espresso, Americano and black coffee with three different buttons. But that’s not correct.

So I bought one. And used it with the Arabica Cartridges for quite a while. The creama of the shot and the flavor was exactly as good as any other Good Coffee Shop’s Arabic shot. So essentially amazing!! But recently I found another gadget from CCD. It’s cold the Milk frother. For just 1999 bucks you get a device which can worm your milk upto 70-degree Centigrade and create perfect froth for you perfect cup of cappuccino. Oh and it can even be used without using the heater to create frothed cold milk for cold coffees. So you essentially don’t need Deepika Padukone’s belly dancing skills to make a good cup of Cold Coffee! And I couldn’t resist myself to pick one of that as well.

So now my personal Coffee Shop is up and running which can serve more or less any kind of coffee anytime and that too in minutes. Here is how my personal CCD looks like 🙂



And here is a Cup of pure bliss

The only Risk factor or worry I have is, I don’t know how many such Coffee makers CCD is going to be able to sell. And if they don’t make much profit to sustain this business I am pretty sure they will also stop the supply of the Coffee Cartridges which will make my entire setup a complete waste. Already the availability of the cartridges are not that great. I had ended up waiting for days to get the cartridges from various outlets in Gurgaon. So whenever I get a few packs available I just grab them!! I just hope CCD continues to sell these makers really well and the supply of Coffee @ Home never ends!! 🙂






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  1. I landed up on your blog while looking for reviews on this machine, the coffee looks divine!!
    I don’t own the ccd coffee machine but was just planning to buy the milk frother to use with regular milk, will it work? (thanks in advance!)

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