Windows 8 on RasPi ?

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Ok, So the big news in the RasPi community today is the Model B Ram upgrade (From 256 to 512). So what does it could mean for users and hackers. A windows 8 running on RasPi? Could be, because Windows 8 is going to be launched for ARM (though as per our sources it’s not going to be available for retail sales) and its minimum RAM requirement is 512MB. Isn’t the equation just fits?

So the question is, will it work with Windows 8 or not. Not user the makers of RasPi has yet tried this or not. But we at RasPi Resources will surely be going to do that the moment we get our hands on the new Model B (we just ordered J ).

If any one of you have got a chance to test this before we do, we welcome you to write a review for us.





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