Worried of your email Accounts getting hacked?


You can still protect your mail content from the hackers even after your email account is hacked. And that can be achieved by using end-to-end encryption.


Figure 1 – This is how an end to end encrypted mail look before decryption, inside a Google Apps Inbox


This is how a mail would look in your Gmail account, if it is encrypted with PKI (public key infrastructure)


Why is it important?


  1. Most of the commercially available mail servers like Microsoft Exchange, lets the administrator grant policy to themselves or anyone else to access any inbox (read as email accounts) on that server.
    So, if you are the CEO of the company, and don’t want your legal and finance mails to be looked up by the new IT recruit who happens to have admin access to your email account. Then better use end to end mail encryption.
  2. PKI also helps in validating the end user by letting the user sign the mail with his/her key before sending it. Which gives a 100% protection against phishing mails.
  3. Hacking and leaking of password is always a possibility. even Hillary Clinton was not spared from it. So, if she would have used end to end encryption for the sensitive emails, then the breach would have just revealed a lot of unreadable scrambled text.


So how to do it?


Simply by using a bunch of open source tools. Available for both Windows and Linux Systems. Here is a quick list.


  1. Thunderbird
  2. Enigmail Plugin for Thunderbird
  3. GNU PGP
  4. A Key server (optional – this is useful to automate the key exchange process in a corporate scenario)


Figure 2 – Notice the Lock button, in the Enigmail tool bar. that’s what forces the email to be encrypted before its sent.


For more details on how to setup end-to-end encryption for your email/chat or for your entire organization, feel free to drop a mail at

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