Outlook.com – New features

Outlook.com – New features


So, here is yet another desperate and not so well tested attempt by Microsoft to fight back with Gmail and rest of the free Email providers. But the question is very usual. Why the hell should anyone migrate or try outlook.com. And here are the only 2 reasons.

Reason 1: Its new Guys, run and quickly grab your unique email id with your name. fed up of bob92001, manprit.singh_delhi_21 kinda email ids? You have a short window to clam your name here. Though doesn’t mean anything very significant. But would be interesting to flaunt to your grandchildren that you have a outlook.com account which says anindya@outlook.com 😉

Well the rest of the reasons are very apparent from the welcome mail which you get when you register for outlook.com. Here is a quick elaboration.


Well I literally give it a damn on importing contacts, getting your mail on your mobile or bringing your other email IDs to outlook.com. Is there any free email provider which doesn’t give these functionalities today? So the reason 2 for me is as follows


Reason 2: Connect to Facebook and twitter.

This could be useful. But to whom? Am not so sure. If I have a device which can show me my mails, it can also show me my feeds. So why to integrate?? Hope MS gives a valid reason for that soon.

Though the configuration was pretty simple, and it’s not just FB and Twitter which outlook.com support. It also supports Flicker, Linkedin, youtube and RSS feeds.

But wait! The Greeting page said Facebook and Twitter, right? Check the previous screenshot!

Where is twitter option in the inside page (check screenshot below) ? Is it a bug or am I missing something?? Look for yourself? Can you find??

I tried to do a search for twitter as well in the service search field. And this is what I got.

Will keep searching for twitter and update when I find one 😛

Anyways, let’s try connecting with FB and see. The FB integration looked simple, which let me connect directly using my FB account and with a simple click I was able to get it up.

And that’s all!!

Oh sorry! No, how can I forget to mentione. This also has the Metro UI band. Which looks like has become a default for every MS app now. So here it is. When you click on the big outlook button on top left corner, you see this


Bottom Line: Looks like MS was in a hurry to launch this. Quite a few stuff which looks none sorted. Like the twitter issue and the greeting mails which still pretends as if you have created a new Hotmail account. And to top it all, nothing significantly new. Looks like a hygiene factor to cope up with google’s offerings. But only time will tell about the success of this product. All the best Outlook.com


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