How to Enable Google handwriting ( Step by Step )

Today Google has introduced a very interesting add-on to the website. This is essentially helpful for touch screen tabs and phones. With this feature you can now feed in your text to the search filed just by drawing it on the screen. Or in other words, by writing it on your screen with you finger. The feature is called Google handwriting


This feature is disabled by default and here is how you enable it.


Step 1: Open in your favourite mobile browser. Mind you, this is a mobile/tab feature and needs touch screen. So don’t play around with your desktop 😛




Step 2: Click on the settings button.




Step 3: Now click on the “Search settings” button




Step 4: Now click on the “Enable” button under the Handwriting section. By default it is disabled.




Step 5: Now simply click on the “Save” button.




Step 6: You will see a confirmation window like this. Click on “Ok” when you see it.





Step 7: And you are done! At least for the config part. You will see the welcome screen like this.




Step 8: You will now notice this new tool bar at the bottom of the page. Clicking on the cursive “g” will let you open or contract the band. While the band is open with the space bar and back space button, you can scribble anything in the browser window and that will be converted into text for search.


Have fun scribbling 😉


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