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2012 VENUS TRANSIT:  What is it?


The Venus Transit occurs when Venus passes directly between Earth and the Sun. This rare alignment occurs only every 105 or 121 years—then twice, every 8 years.  So, the last Transit was in 2004 and the next will not be until 2117! (a Great 2 minute explanation here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llbsMAuyI1Y


Tomorrow, beginning at 6:09 pm Eastern time, viewers will see Venus as a small dot gliding slowly across our Sun–beginning at about the 11:00 o’clock position, crossing for the next 6.5 hours, and exiting out the 2:00 position.  Historically, viewed by luminaries like Edmund Halley, Captain James Cook and even Benjamin Franklin, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our solar system using math equations. Kids around the globe will be calculating the distance and uploading their answers to the Venus Transit Facebook site.  This year, observers on seven continents and a small portion of Antarctica will be in position to see it.  Over 500 events have been registered to date.



HOW TO VIEW IT WHEN THE SUN DON’T SHINE…http://venustransit.nasa.gov


Both via the web and TV, NASA Television will host a live program starting at 5:30 p.m. EDT Tuesday, June 5, 2012, for seven hours.  NASA TV coverage will include updates from NASA Centers across the country in addition to locations from some of the 148 countries hosting viewing activities. Images taken of the Transit from Astronaut Don Pettit from the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope and the Solar Dynamics Observatory also will be aired with scientists sharing their perspectives and the historical significance of the event. Also, NASA EDGE, will air live the Transit from Mauna Kea, Hawaii. This location offers the best viewing position of the entire transit.  But there are seven other locations NASA is streaming live, as well.  California, Alaska, Ohio, England, Norway, India, and Australia.



Protect your eyes during the Transit!  Do not look at the Sun without proper protection!  See the NASA website for information on safely viewing the transit.



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