A Hunt for Hunt


Well, am planning a trip to Corbett this December. The target is to capture a Live Hunt, on HD video and on Stills. I am looking out for people who want to join me for the same. Please find below the tentative itinerary and requirements.


  1. Tentative start date – 6th Dec 2011
  2. Tentative End Date – 10th Dec 2011
  3. People I am expecting – 4 to 5
  4. No kids below 10 years. (unless s/he is capable of handling a camera)
  5. Everyone will pay his own expenses and I will not be responsible for anyone’s
  6. We will start from here (Gurgaon) on 6th early morning by my car. Anyone who can fit is most welcome, else you have to arrange your own.
  7. I will try to arrange an expert Gypsy guy and stay inside the jungle. (this completely depends on luck so don’t blame me if we have to wait a day at Ramnagar for a booking inside the jungle
  8. The Gypsy fair will be shared equally among all the parties. A Gypsy can take 5 people max + the driver. So if we exceed 5, then we have to get two Gypsy


Available gadgets

  1. I will be bringing 1 DSLR with 18-55 and 75-300 lens
  2. 1 prozoomer with 15x zoom
  3. One point and shoot with 5x zoom
  4. One telescope (reflector 5.1 inch goto)
  5. GPS
  6. Tabs
  7. 2 tripods
  8. One canon Intervelometer and one regular shutter release


Required Gadgets

  1. A 500mm lens for canon or 500mm lens along with the camera
  2. A night vision mono/binocular with SLR mount
  3. As many cameras as possible

Anyone interested, please drop in a comment here


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