The Fun of Buying is gone

Few days back my kid dropped my HTC Wildfire and broke it. since then I was surviving on my Galaxy Tab and a bluetooth headset. But it was getting too difficult to carry a 7-inch device all the time and everywhere.

So, I decided to buy a new phone. Now while I was buying, I thought to by a slightly expensive one so that it can be usable for atleast a year. Being a Android Fan, and a Sansung User. I thought of going for a Samsung-Android combination. At least thats going to save me from installing yet another sync app.

So I decided to go with the Samsung’s Galaxy S (Not S2). Coz, as S2 is released its price has significantly dropped and still its one of the fastest android with a 4-inch screen available out there. Plus its going to see Android 2.3 very soon.

So, ok I bought it for around 20k. Came home, unboxed it and feed in the Gmail username and password. Next thing was to sync all my purchased apps and adding twitter account. and that’s all. My phone is as good as New (Oh no, I mean its as good as Old). Being the same operating systems and apps. there is no significant difference except the screen size in this device.

even it looks identical. So, alas! withing 15 minutes I lost the joy of getting a new 20k phone. and That’s the Disadvantage of Android Devices.


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