A Tale of “Love –> Hate” – Me and My Sony Xperias!!

 I have been a super duper Sony fan for mobile phones. And I had this weird perception that whichever phone lasted with me for more than 1 year was a Sony mobile phone. And hence I started talking about the device pretty positively. Here is a blog post I did around a year back. https://anindya.me/2012/07/29/does-sony-have-future-as-a-smartphone-maker/... Continue Reading →

HowTo – Use the RasPi Cross Compiler AMI

Article originally published at http://raspiresources.com So, we have got the RasPi CrossCompiler for AWS hosted on Amazon's AMI store. This means you can directly start an instance using this AMI on AWS right from this link  https://aws.amazon.com/amis/raspberry-pi-cross-compiler-beta  Though, it's as easy as a cakewalk if you have basic understanding of using AWS cloud instance. Still... Continue Reading →

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